events and workshops

Work is play. Whether I make stop-motion films with the audience or I give workshops, I am always playing. The students are playing, the audience is playing.That is my learning philosophy.

recent event:

Night Riders

“Hamburn”, October  2017, the first Burning Man meeting in Hamburg. I animated the lovely guests and was inspired by their personalities and the colors that they wore. Real magic was happening that night!

actual event:

Sturmflut (Storm tide)

Recorded at the “Kunstherbst”, an art event in Hamburg, October  2017, animations made with the audience. It was great to animate different kinds of people, young and old, and lift up their person in a special way.

LuMa-DaDa 03;

a rollercoaster

Stop Motion action at the group exhibition “Achterbahn” in Westwerk, Hamburg. I created big paper objects which were moved on the wall as a big cut-out animation. This was done simultaneously with animating people. A rollercoaster playground.

LuMa-DaDa 01

Dadaistic animation created with the audience. A room full of paper dresses, masks, oversized gloves and children´s instruments. LuMa-DaDa is the word for this. Enlightened dadaism. Performed at “2025, Kunst und Kultur e.V.”, Hamburg 2015.

Workshops in animation

a small selection


Workshop “from doodle to character” with a school class of 11 kids who came to my studio. Duration: 4 hours for creative development and animation. Animated in a white box with a smartphone, using the App “Stop Motion”. In a short period like this, we decided to animate small loops, so they could be repeated. Editing was done separately. Music: Free Music Archive

a short students compilation

Workshop with my students from Designfactory Hamburg. Trying out various forms of stop-motion animation. Techniques are stop-motion with people and objects, After-Effects animation (cut-out technique), drawn animation mixed with object animation, papercut. Because the group was so mixed (we had a lot of Chinese students) we tried to work on the theme “diversity and contrast” in a broader sense.

stop motion with a girl group: making an ad for their clothing swap

Helping a group of girls to make an ad for their closing swap. They were selecting clothes from piles of textiles. So we got inspired to make a clothing swap animation. Duration of the shoot: 2 hours.

Tin Can Universe {Dosenfilm}

Summer workshop in Altonaer Museum, 30 kids, 5 days of drawing, building, animating and recording voices. The last day was a real cinema event for the parents. The theme was “kitchen” and they all had to take an object. Almost everybody took a tin can, so these became the main actors.

Nina´s party

Summer workshop in the Goldbekschule, Hamburg. 5 days, 12 kids. Inspired by my film “Freddy´s Crazy Kitchen”, the kids got a training set to decorate and paint, and boxes of forms and things for character building. They created so many funny creatures and we animated a big party. We even got the film screened at the festival “Abgedreht”! And the kids were interviewed for TV! Big cinema!

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