by Cecile Noldus

Welcome to my Universe of Living Things!

I am Cecile Noldus, and people call me animator, visual artist, animation filmer, workshop facilitator, event enricher, or simply artist.

I am the creator of stories in which things come to life,

tagging on to my childhood devotions, when I would roam the forests near my home in Brabant, in the Netherlands. To me, plants, stones, and insects all have animistic souls. They tell me stories. They always have.

For as long as I can remember I have been trying to connect with these creatures by shaping them out of trash and objects to then animate them, giving them a soul.

Recalling the mystic forests of my childhood, I draw, paint or create secret gardens out of various materials, mainly mixed textiles because of its softness and flexibility. I extended my world by sewing dadaistic costumes that can be worn by me or by the audience for performances or animation films. They seem inspired by my hometown hero Hieronymus Bosch; they are manic, colourful, mysterious and brave.

Over the years, I have produced many commissioned and award-winning stop-motion films and series such as “Susi Schraube” for Sesamstrasse.

Now based in Hamburg, Germany, I focus on passing on my animated state of mind by giving quirky interactive animation events and through workshops, including online. And off course, by nerding around in my studio between piles of textiles, manic flowers and tiny creatures!

Roam around this site to discover my creations, purchase my art, or book me for a workshop or event!

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